FREQUENTLY asked questions

Do I need a reservation?

No reservations are required! Just pick the day and time you want to use us and come on in!

What if I am late?

Worried about getting stuck paying an additional hour? Don't be! We charge in 15 minute increments so you only pay for what you use.

Can I provide my own meals?

Yes! You are more then welcome to provide your own food, we just ask that it is labeled.  We are unable to microwave or refrigerate any outside food so a lunchbox with ice pack will keep your food fresh for your child's stay.  We can provide cups and utensils for you!

What if my child is allergic to something?

KidsTown prides themselves on providing a safe eating environment. Our facility does not have restrictions for peanut butter so if your child has a serious allergy we will take extra steps to ensure that your child is safe. This will include extra sanitation procedures during your child's stay.

Can my child come even though they are not potty trained?

Yes! You will provide diaper/pull ups along with wipes and we change children every 2-2.5 hours or as needed.  We also assist with Potty Training! 

How long can my child stay?

We are limited to 6 hours per day, not to exceed 15 hours a week.

Ask you local center for more information!

Do you accept non immunized children?

 Colorado law requires all students attending Colorado schools and licensed child cares to be vaccinated against certain diseases, unless an exemption is filed.  For more information about this requirement please click here: 

How do you keep my child safe?

All KidsTown centers have a secured entry into our facility.  Clients must be "buzzed" in to enter the center. We reserve the right to restrict access at any time.

Parents must provide permission for emergency contacts to pick up and Photo ID is required EVERY visit.

What are your staff qualifications?

 All staff is First Aid, CPR and Standard Precaution certified.  They are also background checked by the State of Colorado, FBI and Department of Human Services before they begin employment.

All staff is required to complete monthly training to ensure they are up to date in the latest health, safety, and developmental practices.  

We employee State Qualified Early Childhood Teachers and Assistant Teachers in our facility. 

What should I bring for my child's stay?

The following items are recommendations to bring in with your child, should you forget anything we can help provide diapers, pull-ups, wipes, utensils, cups and blankets!

  • Diapers/Pull-ups & Wipes (If applicable)
  • Change of Clothes
  • Sippy Cup (if applicable)
  • Special Blanket/Stuffy if you are worried about your child's adjustment to the center

Do you close if the school district's close due to weather?

KidsTown Centers do not automatically close if the district closes. 

The decision for closure will be based on the safety of our staff.  We update our Website and Facebook no later then 6:00 am should we need to close or delay. 

What ages do you accept? Are Toddlers with "big" children?

We accept children 1 year of age - 13 years of age. 

We separate our age groups from

 1 year-2 years of age and 2 years of age and above. 

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