Who Are We?

KidsTown Drop-in Child Care Centers provides licensed, clean and safe child care centers, with highly qualified staff, for the families of Colorado. Our centers are licensed to accept children between the ages of 12 months and 13 years. 

Our philosophy is to provide a safe and secure environment, while providing children with a fun, exciting, and entertaining place to visit. We strive to make each visit a new and positive experience, where children learn new skills, play with new toys, participate in group games and circle time activities, create art projects, and interact socially with other children. These activities are scheduled throughout the day to encourage learning in new areas and to provide children with additional social, physical and cognitive development. 

We promise to provide your children with care that excels above the rest and invite you to visit a center near you. KidsTown is the perfect solution when you need to run errands, attend doctor appointments, see a movie, or when you just need a little “me” time. We look forward to meeting you and your family.

* Attendance must remain within state-mandated limits for drop-in child care centers 

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Child Care That Works For You

KidsTown Drop-In Child Care Center caters to the busy parent of today. You live by unique schedule, and you need a safe, convenient, and joyful place for your child. 

Here's why KidsTown Drop-In Child Care Center works:

  • Drop off and pick up your child at your convenience: Whether you're single or married, you have a unique schedule. Just let us know when you need to drop off or pick up your child.
  • Pay for only the time your child is with us: You shouldn't have to pay for 6 hours of daycare if your child is only with us for 2 hours.
  • Pay daily or in advance: Life is crazy and changes often. Whether you have a set schedule or are still adjusting it, you can pay a daily drop-in rate or pre-purchase packages for a discounted hourly rate.
  • Give your child the food she or he knows best: Whether your child needs specific foods or is happy with mainly anything, you decide what food your child eats. KidsTown offers snacks and meals, but you can bring in whatever your child needs most. 


Your child deserves quality care as he or she learns and grows.

​Child care is an essential service that’s vital to your family’s success — but it only works if you find child care or a preschool that’s close to where you live or work. KidsTown Drop-In Child Care Center has multiple locations throughout the eastern Denver, CO, area, including Aurora, Parker, Highlands Ranch, and Castle Rock. Count on us to be there when and where you need us. 

Convenient Child Care

Whether you have an ironclad routine, or your schedule is all over the place, KidsTown Drop-In Child Care Center can accommodate you. We offer individualized pickup and drop-off times at our locations so that you can always access child care when you need it most.

We also work with you on payment. Our clients only pay for the time their children actually spend with us, so if you only need two hours of care, you won’t lose extra money. Choose to pay either in advance or day to day, whichever works best for you.

Whichever of our locations you choose, you can always count on safe, fun, and friendly care for your kids. 

Ready to Start

For excellent child care, choose KidsTown Drop-In Child Care Center. View our locations in the Denver, CO, area below and choose the option that’s most conveniently located for you. Call that location for more information. We hope to meet you and your child soon.

A Childcare That Cares

If you want your child to thrive in a happy, quality environment, KidsTown Drop-In Child Care Center is ready to take your call. We offer several locations for your convenience.  Reach out with our online form or contact our Corporate Center at 303-841-0200.


Only pay for the time you use! Parents have the option of paying daily or prepaying for hours to receive a discount off the hourly rate.

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Meals and Snacks

Meals are provided at approximately 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. 

Snacks are provided approximately at 10:00 a.m, 3:00 p.m, and 8:00 p.m. 

We are licensed through the local Health Department to serve pre-prepared meals. Meals will contain appropriate sizes by child’s age of a main dish, vegetables, fruit and milk.  Children will be allowed to have multiple servings within reason of the main dish and vegetables and one serving of fruit and milk. Snacks will consist of goldfish, saltines and graham crackers along with a fruit or vegetable and water. Water is available at all times during a child’s visit. Please feel comfortable bringing drinks, snacks or meals from home.  However, it is a requirement through the Department of Human Services that all items be brought and kept in an insulated bag or container.  Also, the Department of Human Services prohibits us from storing any of the items brought from your home in our refrigerator or from us heating up items in the microwave.  Again we ask that you bring all items in an appropriately insulated bag that is labeled with your child’s name on it. 

Each meal costs $4.50. Each Snack costs $2.25.

*Meal and Snack prices may vary per location depending on sales tax requirements. 


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